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About Us

Does your fitness facility complain about you using powdered chalk? Trying to avoid using lifting gloves, grips, and lifting straps? We are on the same boat as you all, which is why we are here to supply you all with Bare Grip Liquid Chalk, your GRIP CHANGER FOR ALL! We had been lifting in a local gym for 10+ years and they do not allow powdered chalk, being that it gets a bit difficult to clean when it gets stuck on the knurlings of the barbells, on gym floors, and on plates. That was when we knew we needed to put out a product that is the closest to powdered chalk, just without the mess. Early 2015, we had provided you all with Bare Grip, and we received nothing but positive feedback! It makes us want to keep on improving! Keep helping us improve and to keep on growing!

Get your GRIP ON!